A Warning from Canadian ex-defense minister paul hellyer concerning the global cabal.

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This is a quick summary of the following video for those that lack time to watch it:

The quick dirty summary is that the united states government was taken over long ago by a global cartel and that time is running out to turn things around. He provides a warning that what comes next will be a staged alien invasion to let the cabal establish their one world dictatorship and that if we, the american people (even 5 million of us) became educated and acted together we could force our so called politicians to take real action.

America in grave danger from within.

Problems we face engineered by rich ruthless minority under the past 70 years of secrecy since project paperclip took place.

Since roswell, secret groups have been reverse engineering alien technology.

The US and most of western society ruled by banking cartel, oil cartel, intelligence agencies, and part of the military.

They plan to create an world empire (the new world order… same name hitler used) that will be a dictatorship of, by, and for the rich privileged elite.

Our money is created as debt that requires interest to be paid… eventually placing everyone into debt to the banking cartels.

The money power has been responsible for all major economic problems since the great depression.

Aliens have been visiting this planet for thousands of years. Roswell changed everything as it gave us access to alien technologies.

Truman created Majestic 12 and instituted a group to mislead people about any alien sightings.

Eisenhower was denied access to the secret facilities and had to threaten military action to be allowed to find out what was going on, hence his parting warning about the military industrial complex.

These powers have seized control of the US and much of the rest of the western world.

Our leaders are not briefed on what was being discovered and done with the technology.

The military industrial complex needs an enemy to keep up profits. First it was the communists (cold ware) then the terrorists (ongoing), and then it will be the aliens. All of these are made up enemies.

Clinton was quoted as saying “Sara, there is a government within the government and I don’t control it” when asked why he didn’t do something about UFO disclosure.

President of US not cleared to know what the military is doing.

Pentagon then wrote “A project for a new american century” which contained a plan to take over much of the world but needed an emergency. 911 soon followed and Bush started the war on “the terrorists”.

Our attack on iran actually created the terrorists that were held up as the enemy.

High officials of the Bush administration knew of the 911 attacks and were complicit in them. 7 building collapsed during the 911 attacks and a new weapon using alien technology was used to disintegrate the buildings. (see book Where did the towers go”).

We have since been stripped of our civil rights (no more habeas corpus) and peace was lost in the lies of the military industrial complex.

America lost it’s last vestige of moral leadership.

Our government is currently trying to start a 3rd world war but constantly harassing russia.

(For some reason Hellyer thinks obama isn’t part of the cabal and then gives a callout to him to start making changes and stop screwing around in the middle east)

He then notes that all the major religions should make up and start getting along as they all worship the same god.

Using drones, suicide bombs, and massacres are prohibited by the world religions holy books. The golden rule should be adhered to (treat others as you want to be treated).

The cabal does not want peace and justice… but instead wants power, wealth, and empire.

They have the financial power but we have the numbers and can throw them off if even 5 million people in america educated themselves things could be made right.

End the private bankers monopoly on creating credit out of thin air and calling it money.

Take over the fed and create a public central bank to replace it.

Kill the trans pacific partnership (the trans pacific power grab being pushed by the elite).

Provide full disclosure of what the cabal has been doing since world war two.

Find out if it is true that “we the us now have the technology to take the ETs home”. and if there have been any treaties with them.

Rescind the 1947 national security act and provide general amnesty so people can tell the truth.

Order the release on the secret patents to exotic energy and make them available to the world… could convert to clean energy in just 7 years.

Restore our oceans before the food chain is destroyed and start reforestation projects.

Find out how much weather patterns have been altered by tinkering (chemtrails and HAARP) and knock it off.

Before ww2 was over greedy self centered men were plotting the next war and spreading poverty.

The survival of the human species is at stake. We can make our planet uninhabitable or start moving towards peace and prosperity.