One more time

in ca •  2 years ago  (edited)

Hello everybody

Here are some last photos of jack herer before I take it down.


I believe it was my best jack grow ever☺ oven thou the buds turn out to be smaller than before, but the buds are so potent and sticky.
I just can't wait to try them already




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Jack Herer is a great strain! I grew a cross between white widow and jack herer called Jacky White... and it was one of the best tasting strains i've ever tried! Anyways.. thanks for sharing! makes me want to post my jack grows as well..! :)

Jack and white sound like a heavenly match!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

It's a Paradise Seeds Strain, with a strong caracteristic Pomelo flavour :) One of my favourites too 😍

That is looking good, man. I always liked Jack Herer too. Followed and upovted.


Oh, those crystals! Yummy. Do you hash the leaf?

Hash and HBO

That's a really nice plant you got there nice nugs 👌I enjoyed that post so much I'm gonna follow you


Yesss very nice 😉 I love Jack Herer expecially the "church incense" pheno.

I think I got high just from seeing those pics.

Which seedbank it from?

Senssi seeds

Nice post!