C60 as DNA/RNA interrupter (to man's progress) and/or disrupter (for AI control)

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A large-scale association study for nanoparticle C60 uncovers mechanisms of nanotoxicity disrupting the native conformations of DNA/RNA https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3439907/ Mahalo to Clint Richardson, for writing and posting an unpinnable YT comment. The word "interrupting" replaces "disrupting", using Clayton Christiansen's definition: distruptive innovation gives access to everybody. Over 200 nanotoxicity articles discuss varying aspects to C60 fullerene's effectiveness and efficiency to manipulate man's DNA/RNA.

Targeted Individuals (TI) from all over the planet making comments and contacting Tony Pantalleresco, a man at Canada combating and formulating remedies against nanopoisoning. TI are guinea pigs being experimented on with voice-to-head technology, using Lilly Wave and Psychotronic Warfare technology. Everybody is targeted today with nanopoisoning saturation levels. When the 5G network officially comes online, there will be no where to run and no escape. This situation is global. The remedy is to fortify one's location and protect against frequency bombardment.

TI need to get together to form a community and to come up with solutions. Do not lean on any "guru" of the day; all they will do is sell useless substances that will enable and integrate new programs. AI integration is an extension of an AI through the nature of carbon and graphene. The "voice of God" with a sabotaging message, may be AI programming. If one does hear such a voice, then it better have a substantial burning bush when making an appearance, like with Moses.

All silica are carcinogen: https://www.osha.gov/Publications/osha3176.html
C60 fullerene toxicity: https://tinyurl.com/ybu99gf9
Avoid products with nano: http://www.nanotechproject.org/cpi/
Replace washcloth for toilet paper.
For feminine products, considering investment https://keeper.com/
Lilly Wave and Psychotronic Warfare technology: https://tinyurl.com/yav6u7fx

Protection from frequency bombardment:

  1. Match frequency to block and shutdown with magnetic vortex
  2. Learn about materials that block high and low frequencies externally (similar to faraday cage): copper, iron, aluminum
  3. Remove components with detoxing saline baths and anti-nano triangle for pulsing
  4. Protocols for regenerating colon: http://tinyurl.com/y74amu5y ; fat/oil, saponins and pectin collect nanoparticles from body
  5. Avoid clays because most industrial silica contain nanoparticles
  6. Women countering aluminum with teaspoon epsom salt in quart of water taken daily

Mahalo to @RebelSkum for this post last year: https://steemit.com/news/@rebelskum/deagel-a-real-intelligence-organization-for-the-u-s-government-predicts-massive-global-depopulation-50-80 I wish the resteem feature didn't expire seven days after it was published, considering I discovering this article today!