A speculative pick, just starting to react: Digital Money Bits (other tips from fellow Steemians included !)

in c •  2 years ago

Any other suggestions are most welcome !!

I am rotating into some of the more speculative coins, especially those with very low market caps, such as Digital Money Bits which has around $1000 market cap (really, not a joke). Quoting on Cryptopia, amongst other exchanges.

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 06.23.17.png

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 07.02.59.png

Who has other suggestions for speculative plays ?

Thanks !!

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Hmq, burst, wings, peerplays


Thanks I really like Humaniq and Wings as well, have some Peerplays (from the ICO), but no Burst yet

Interested why you're not staying in Antshares.
Idea: Solaris XLR also on Crytopia, any thoughts on that one?


I do strongly believe in Antshares, but am taking some profits of the table ahead of what the Summer may bring, and especially August 1st. Longterm these quality coins will make a lot of people millionaires, but currently the mood is turning negative, so I'm just being cautious :)


ah OK good, thanks for reply


By the way, I still have 1500 Antshares, so I'm keeping a longterm position in my favourites, can't resist :)

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 19.48.37.png

BTS showing lowest RSI at 37 all others 40 + its not much


Bitshares, definitely a nice one as well, thanks !


Bittokens, not a bad choice indeed, I'm making a list here :)

the gainers last 24 hrs per Coinmarketcap

funny to see BCN doing so well


Indeed, there weren't a lot of winners, I currently have PIVX, Peerplays and Ark in my portfolio, but am reshuffling ahead of August 1st, no clue what is really going to happen, but it could be a major shake-up?!