Spring is in the air...

in #c-squaredlast year (edited)

As soon as the sun comes out and the temperatures are above 15 degrees I feel the urge to grab my camera and go and go photographically to discover the world.

It can happen that I lie on the floor to capture the beauty of a little flower ..


Or just enjoy what I see ...



And sometimes I have to sneak up too ...


But I always feel spring as a new beginning ... and something beautiful ..

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Beautiful photos! The flowers (especially the white one) are gorgeous, the birds are cute and the ocean is wonderful with the reflection of the sunlight on the waves. Great capture! ;)

Thank you very much tangmo. The white flower was a daisy and I had to lie flat on the floor to take a picture of it ... didn't look so elegant ... haha ​​... but it was worth it

You're welcome!

Ah! That's great! It was worth it indeed. ;)

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hai @akinome
I can see birds and flowers again here
glad to see it

It’s so cool ... it’s like "life" is coming back ..

glad to see it ...