Bytecoin seems to be a good indication of why people should turn to DigiByte

in bytecoin •  6 months ago

Apparently Bytecoin became too popular in one day, which crashed the network. This should be seen as an eye opener. A nice logo and a name relate-able to bitcoin doesn't guarantee that the coin is good. Nor does paying to get onto an exchange to pump the value of the coin. If someone wants to avoid this kind of situations in the future, there is a better UTXO blockchain out there. Digibyte.

Not only can Digibyte handle the amount of transactions, it will do it faster than the other UTXO blockchains combined (ok this one might be an overstatement). Anyway, Digibyte is not going to rip-off your money by paying to get to an exchange to get the value pumped. Digibyte is one of the only blockchain projects out there that truly wants to better the world, not just create value out of nothing. If I got your interest, please find out more about Digibyte so that you don't need to trust my opinion. :)

Just felt like telling people about this once again.

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5 mining algo? lets look into digibyte


Yes DigiByte adapted the idea from Myriadcoin back in 2014. But Digibyte hardforked into multialgo, which probably no other coin has done so far. It is by far the best UTXO blockchain out there. And they are still improving it. New 5 new algorithms will be coming out later this year if the original plan still holds. Digibyte is also known for being sure things work, before they launch. Nor do they pump up the coin with news. "Well managed", is being modest.