Bytecoin (BCN) Skyrockets 600% Today

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Bytecoin, BCN price registers more than 600 percent spike after getting listed on the biggest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. The privacy-focused coin is working its way to reach the $0.1 price level in the wake of this bullish momentum.

Bytecoin (BCN) to break the records after surging 600% within hours
Bytecoin has taken the bulls by the horns after getting listed on the biggest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. In less than a few hours, Bytecoin price surge has gone to the moon. From 30 percent, BCN experienced an 80 percent rise in the afternoon after merely a couple of hours and then a further tremendous increase of about 600 percent.

With a market cap of over $2.9 billion, this digital currency is riding at $0.016206 USD price level. BCN has even moved up in the ranking and is now sitting at the 15th spot.

According to the Coinmarketcap, Binance is the largest exchange by 24-hour volume that listed Bytecoin (BCN) about 5 hours back. The exchange has made BCN/BNB, BCN/BTC and BCN/ETH trading pairs available on its platform. Trading and depositing of BCN are now live on Binance.

Privacy-focused BCN aiming for new heights
Though Binance listing has pushed BCN price to rise sky high, this coin has been having good past couple of weeks. With the announcement of Binance’s listing already on the sphere from last month, this price surge was imminent.

The price hike like Bytecoin (BCN) is not unusual as cryptocurrencies enjoy such spikes after getting listed on popular exchanges. However, the surge of over 100 percent is certainly an excessive one that brings out the likelihood of BCN prices to settle down after this jump.

Founded in 2012, Bytecoin is a privacy-focused, open source cryptocurrency that is untraceable. The first coin to implement the CryptoNote technology as a default, Bytecoin is one of the most popular methods for payment in the Dark Net.

The total anonymity featured offered by this coin which means your address can’t be viewed by anyone, is what makes it unique from other cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the ring signature attribute to facilitate untraceability and unlinkable characteristic to make it scan resistant enhance this coin’s uniqueness.

With the bull momentum driven by Binance listing, it would be interesting to see the peak BCN rises to.


omg its real BCN... nearly 700% increase on binance.....

btw this pump only happened in binance whiile other exchanges are at 50-80% increase

Silly me. I just exchanged a bunch of BCN two weeks back... Whaaaa.. I should have waited, I should have waited. I guess I'll have to start mining them again.

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