Bytecoin is up by over 40% against USD and BTC

in bytecoin •  last year

Bytecoin is rising again; is it a good coin for trading? or is this a pump to dump situation? I leave you to decide. As I'm not a trading expert, I would like your thoughts about this coin.
In my opinion, though the majority of the coins had been pre-mined, there is some potential to this coin as most major cryptocurrency exchanges do accept this coin, the coin was made from the scratch i.e.not a fork from another currency and it's been there since 2012.
having said that, ​perhaps this isn't a coin worth holding but worth​ trading.

Have a look at​ the screenshots I took from the coinmarketcap while it was rising,

Screenshot from 2017-08-31 01:28:03.png

Screenshot from 2017-08-31 02:11:51.png

Screenshot from 2017-08-31 02:12:21.png

Screenshot from 2017-08-31 02:18:56.png7 days chart

Screenshot from 2017-08-31 01:28:39.png![Screenshot from 2017-08-31 01:29:25.png]

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