Just crunch Word Community Grid for 4 days on a regular PC and you will receive 10 million from Byteball itself. You even support science doing so!

Check out this link:

Thanks for this information. Will check it out.
@parejan, how do I get rewarded?
how do I link byteball wallet?

In the medium link provided above it is explaned in detail how to connect the Byteball wallet. In case of issues, just let us know.

Horrible suggestion man. Drained all my bandwidth.

I'm not sure what you mean with "Drained all my bandwith". In case you are on a metered internet connection this could be an issue indeed but if you have unlimited access this shouldn't be.

WCG will consume around 250MB per day unless you have a PC with a lot of cores. I can imagine that for the start-up it will consume a bit more to load all information but then it will be around 250MB spread over 24h

Don't have unlimited internet. Thanks anyway.

Are you sure you can get that amount of Byteball for 4 days???

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