Steemit new site were you earn some buck with your reputation

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Steem_byteball is a new and popular
upcoming why to earn sbd on steemit all you Will be show in this blog step by step

1 click on this link to download the app

  1. After downloading it, you install the app then
    open the app, you then go to chat on the
    app there you will see two options (contact
    and bot store) click on the bot store
    Then you choose steem attestation bot.

  2. The bot will send you a message telling you
    to do some things all you have to do is there
    are three dot on the left down side of the
    chat click on the dot you will see three
    messages which will pop-up choose the first
    one. Screenshot_20180715-000826.png

  3. After that you will be asked to pay some 
    byte I will send you some byte after you have 

    downloaded the byteball app, all you have to
    do is leave your comment so I can transfer
    600.000 byte to you so you can complete the
    registration with the steembot, you will be
    asked to link your steemit user name to the
    app so you can receive some byte from the
    bot. After completing the registration the bot
    will send some byte to your account wallet
    which you will see immediately or later. Then
    you can message me or leave a comment if
    you want to convert it to Bitcoins Screenshot_20180715-000846.png
    This picture here is the last message the steem
    bot will send to you. Then you are done with
    your registration, don't forget the higher your
    reputation on steemit the more money the bot
    will give you.

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Its not moving

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