Byteball: The first DAG crypto with smart payments

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In my previous post I wrote about byteball in details & explained how can you get free bytes absolutely free. Now, I share a superb video uploaded on by Jore Bohne.

In this video it shows how the conditional payment really works. So, to exchange two different assets between two individuals we do not need any other third party exchanges or escrows. All is made through P2P exchanges via smart contracts. It's a fantastic feature built on byteball platform. This is also called "Atomic Sweep". What is "Atomic Exchange ?" When two parties sign a single unit that executes both legs of the exchange, the two transactions either happen simultaneously or don't happen at all. It is no longer necessary to trust any centralized exchanges.

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Thanks for sharing these great features!

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Nice post, followed! Do you think Byteball could be a long-term?

DAG is the future!

yes, I think. because it has completely new technology with tons of amazing features :)

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