[Bot Wars]First report - SocialBoost

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Byteball is one of the most interesting cryptocurrency platforms. And in order, to get first bytes there are, at the moment, several ways - Real Name Attestation, World Community Grid, Cashback program, Steem Attestation, Byteball draw. But these methods have their drawbacks - one-time use, spend a lot of time or small chance. In turn, I want to offer another way to get some bytes, to some extent can call it getting a stable passive income without much effort.

About project
The project acts as an intermediary between those who want to get money just by having active accounts in social networks and those who need to promote posts in social networks. SocialBoost is a platform where the user sets the task of promotion, and we have a connected database of accounts to perform these tasks.

MVP stage
Since this is a competition and there is a time limit - a minimum product will be developed. It involves the development of the basic functionality - account connection, task creation, task performance, payment. And also connection of one social network - Steemit.

Future product
The finished product will include all social networks with an open API. The affiliate program will be launched. Linking multiple social media accounts to one wallet.

Progress report
Collected information on opportunities Steemit API and Steemit vote system. A development plan has been drawn up. A step-by-step plan of user interaction with the bot has been developed. The bot architecture was created.



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