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We all hear the phrase "buy the dip", the current market prices of #smartcash is a sure indication for those who agree with this principle that it is time to buy. So what if you really can not afford to put in fiat to cryptos as is the case for very many?
Well with the #Byteball airdrop to #Steemit accounts you can.

The Potential to earn #Byteball is only limited by your abilities. Imagine how much #smartcash or even #steem you can buy with your earned #byteball?

Three Easy Step

Step 1
Click on the chat icon to start a chat with the bot.


Step 2
Click on the Bot Store Tab to continue.


Step 3
Add the Steemit Attestation Bot


Step 4
Click on Open chat to start your dialogue with the bot.


Step 5
Click on the ... as indicated by the arrow in the image below


Step 6
Select Insert My Address [Small Expense Wallet]

2018-07-16_17-01-47Steemit 06.png

The bot now retrieves your address and gives you the option to connect your steemit account. Click on the link to launch SteemConnect.

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 5.06.05 PM.png

Step 7
Click on SteemConnect to link your Steemit account to your Byteball wallet. Once you have done this come back to your wallet.


The Bot will acknowledge your account has been connect to steemit in a message like this:

Your steem username is xzxy12344
Store your steem username privately in your wallet or post it publicly?
private public

Choose the public option. On the same page there will be a link to pay attestation fee:
Payment request 49000 bytes

Click on this link to pay the fee. If you do not have the money for the fee leave you #Byteball address in the comment and I will sent that to you. Once you have sent the fees you will be credited with #Byteball according to your influence here on Steemit.

You can now get all your friends on Steemit to register using the same steps for a referral. Once you have got your coin you can now sell and buy #smartcash and be ready for the next snapshot or buy steem to increase your influence here on Steemit. Act now and make sure you do not miss out.

To make this more interesting I will be giving out 50 #smartcash to each person who uses my link to download the #Byteball wallet and registered for the airdrop.

To qualify for the 50 smarts

  • Only steemit accounts that have never gone through the #byteball atestatation
  • Upvote and re-steem this post
  • Download and install #Byteball wallet using my links
  • Leave a comment with your Byteball address and request for fees
  • Join the #Smartcash discord
  • Smarts will be sent to users who followed all the steps.

Learn More About Smartcash:

Join Our Community:



Thank you for visiting me. Do you have any tips and tricks to share? I like to hear from you all. Please leave a comment, upvote and resteem

My Smart Address: SXYEPzkF9QBsKnyFQwJVdZwe5rJsL94Re9


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it appears you have more than enough to register:

Well done for spotting the scammer
Lets downvote the fucker into the ground

Warning scammer alert downvote this fucker have a look at his comments all he does is send his address to every byteball post

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