Byteball Use-a-Thon: Vote Selling

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Byteball has started a new contest that sounds like loads of fun! You can read all about it here: Announcing the Steem Use-a-Thon by Byteball

Contest Entry Use Case

Basically a way of purchasing a vote from a holder of Steem Power using Bytes. Using a smart contract powered by a chat bot in the Byteball wallet a person could sell their votes. For example, a Steemit user could offer a 100 percent up-vote given at 90 percent or above voting power for a user doing a certain type of post on Steemit within a time period of say 24 hours.

Post types that qualify for example, could be:

  • Original macro photography of insects
  • Original story or poem
  • Original pictures of trash the user has cleaned up
  • Whatever the Steemit user is willing to pay for

The Steemit user could create the contract with a minimum amount they are willing to sell their vote for in Bytes or basically offer the vote for free, or to the highest bidder.

Steemit users buying votes send payments in Bytes to the seller with a link to their post. The seller checks the link and optionally votes for it within the initial time period.

The contract waits for the seven day time period until the voting period ends and pays the voter (seller) in Bytes if they have voted on a link given by a buyer. It then returns any Bytes paid out by vote buyers that did not get a vote.

Current Progress

I thinking about trying to get some chat bot code running on my spare machine and seeing if there are any oracles around that could help verify that votes were cast on Steemit posts. Frankly, it could be more of a project than I am up for with my limited javascript skills.


As the value of Steem increases, the value of votes by high Steem Power holders will become more valuable. Selling these votes for Bytes should grow the demand for Bytes and encourage holding Steem for investment.

New users often have trouble getting started and increasingly use bid bots to get some return for posts.

Running any kind of voting service that takes SBD in payment very quickly becomes difficult for Steem holders unless automated. However, current automated bid bots make no decisions about the quality of posts they vote for and they way this is done currently does not really help curate good content imho.

At one point I experienced many problems with people sending me SBD and links to posts they wanted me to upvote. At first this was welcomed but there were so many requests that I could not possibly make it very fair for everyone. Having to vote for content just because someone sent you a payment that you did not request becomes difficult - many of the posts were good but having to spend a lot of time looking at posts that don’t particularly interest you can detract from spending time looking at posts that you do value.

Having greater control over the vote buying process could be a win-win situation for both people buying and selling votes, promote better content and improve the value of Steem and Bytes.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. Graphic created by @fabien

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Thank you - very interesting project, I can see how this could be helpful in distributing rewards.

Good news brother, this news is very important for all Steemian ini the world,.

This is a clever idea to increase the use of BB. I hope you do well in the contest!!!


Thank you! It seems like it could be helpful but it might be hard for me to motivate enough to try to figure out how to do it. Every time I try to program anything nowadays my eyes glaze over and I start to fall asleep. I guess I've done enough tech stuff for one lifetime. :D


Oh yeah I tend to nod off when doing a late night post. Half the time lol!

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Very good post dear lighty...
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Very good presentation brother.
Brother please visit me.

Postingan yang bagus @lightsplasher tengtang byteball sangat bermanfaat bagi kami ,terima kasih atas informasinya

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I'm doing fine dear friend. No worries. I hope you are fine too.


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No problem, I hope that I can get better at explaining things.

thank you my friend @lightsplasher. for the information.

@lightsplasher Good friends post. Hopefully we are always successful in business, and can help fellow members of the Steemit community. Continue good friends

This is a good opportunity for upvote buyers and also @lightsplasher because it will then create a new economy for Byteball and steem.


Thank you, I hope it could be a more fair way of doing things. I figure the more use cases for Steem and Bytes the better it would be for growing the communities and value.

Selling votes breaks proof of brain, and makes it harder for the newbs to get any votes at all.


The way it is currently working is not optimal and delegating Steem Power to voting bot services for payback rewards is really somewhat similar to just self voting for your own posts and comments. This doesn't need any brain work either. Not that I'm really against any of it, but I think there are ways in which selling votes could be improved on and I doubt there is any way to prevent the practice...

Hmmm, maybe the best solution is to redistribute all the wealth... are you with me comrade? Storm the Bastille, liberty, fraternity, equality... lol. :D

Actually, maybe I shouldn't encourage that either. If it is done right, I hope selling votes can be used as an incentive to get others to post quality content.


We didnt have this feature until they forked to allow it because the greedy wanted more return.
I've got a post scheduled about my proposal of the blockchain selling SBD.

With superlinear rewards most of these problems go away, but the largest whales have to keep their hand out of the till.
We had that, minnow votes increased in value exponentially, and stinc put the kibosh on it with linear rewards.
Delegation is an end run, too.

Better we get them to abandon their wealth by making it worth less than living a free life.


Lol @comrade. I don't get this contest, I suppose until I look up the link. Thanks for bringing this to our notice.

I get it now, quite interesting. Byteball sure knows the way to go. More entries will be rolling in already.


Also do keep in mind, that a use case doesn't necessarily have to involve Steem. It can be any plausible and feasible use for the Byteball platform, applied to some real world problem or need. So to cut it short, the contest is mainly of creativity, innovation and potentially introducing a use case, that you could profit from yourself. Anything goes, as long as your use case is feasible and the judges can see the potential in the project and it's moving forward :-)

Also - there is no deadline for entering the contest. Anyone can enter by paying the entry fee of 25 MB from their publicly Steem attested wallet.