Got my Byteballs stuff all sorted

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Merry Sunday fellow Crypto-lords of steemit, i was reading a post a few days back (ok 7 days go) where @berniesanders was letting the Steemit Community know about getting free byteballs due to being a steemit user!
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I finally remembered last night to move my arse and get this sorted, here is the post i followed with instructions

i downloaded my Byteball wallet and got my byteballs after another couple of steps (see link above) and woo hoo sorted, You can exchange half of your byteballs to BTC and then transfer to another wallet from there.
I then sent my newly acquired BTC to blocktrades and exchanged for SBD which i will buy Steem power with
Screenshot (177).png

Sweet even a mo-fo like me could do this, if you haven't do it!

this is me @kiwiscanfly
unnamed (1).jpg

all pictures are mine or have been downloaded from the web using my internet connection - possession or something is 9/10th of the law so rack off

oh the last picture was created by @sift666 thanks!

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Great work and I also did! I decided to keep my GBYTE in the same form, coz I feel it might rise again!


Well done mate! Enjoy the present!


nothing like free stuff :)


I think it's a great opportunity for every Steemit user, depending on their reputation, to be paid the amount of Bytes. I did the procedure days ago and the truth was very simple, all in order! Like you said, it's a great opportunity to raise your SP.


sweet good stuff..yeah free i love it

Congratulation But too Late


Loaded Byteball

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

i have got 60 us dollar by this airdrops.........

How to get to 30 level?


Sounds like a lot of work for free stuff.


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