Want free Bytecoin for being a STEEM user?!?

in #byteball4 years ago

PM me on telegram, rocket chat, or signal: jgr33nwood
I'll send bytes. You can use the second option if you have a wallet already. Use the third option if you don't have a wallet downloaded yet!

1.➡ you send Bytes from your attested address to a new user who is not attested yet, and he/she uses those Bytes to pay for a successful attestation;
2.➡ have new users click this link byteball:[email protected]/bb#XHEQZ4GBMRNBGQHHQF2GVVONJXTVVRH7, which opens this attestation bot in the user's wallet, the wallet has to be already installed;
3.➡ have new users click this link (you can publish it e.g. on your blog) https://steem-byteball.org/#XHEQZ4GBMRNBGQHHQF2GVVONJXTVVRH7 which sets a tracking cookie and redirects to wallet download



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