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ByteBall is an amazing technology, it runs on a DAG instead of a blockchain and is scalable. Very interesting

Thanks for the analysis I hold a bit of ByteBall :)

byteball is best among the technology, everyone should go for it :)

Hey Haejin! Just subscribed to your channel here on D-tube. Ive been watching you daily on youtube for a month or so. I'm going to start watching here more often since there is curation.. Peace


Please consider reviewing the tutorial videos linked at end of my blogs.



And today is like this.Is it a possible pathway???


What would be your alternate?

Thanks. Can you give an update on XVG?


I'd like that to :)

It's going sideways for a bit I think. Not one of my favorite projects

ty for your analysis

nice post thanks for share sir

I up voted this post and Can I offer some feedback to you ?

Why don't you include all your analysis in one and post one article a day ???

I believe that our community could benefit more that way and you would too in long term.

THINK about it..

So nice

Nice vedio...your report is so great....thanks for your new post ,,, @haejin
Upvoted and resteemed


Wow Buddy! I Follow you since day 1 in your steem carreer! Crazy to see your growth!

Haejin the Steemwhale :D

Heads up to you!

Thanks.Any update on XVG

what is a friend?
can friends explain a little ...

BTS correction complete?


Nice count. Let’s see how overnight price takes it

Isn't correct name for the coin GBYTE? Anyway. Identifying is voluntary and should stay that way. It's useful for people who want to interact with companies that require to know certain aspects of the identity of their customers, for whatever reason.

Yesterday i did this thanks to all the posting of Haejin that i have watched
untill now


Breakout! Let’s see if it holds overnight.

Anyone wanna free tokens via airdrop check my blog. At top is 20 DTA airdrop current value 0,45$ but personally i think this token have potential :)


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i think it is one of the more developed technologies going around