Steemians do your bit for byteball - deadline is later today!!!

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If you had opened your byteball wallet recently you may have noticed a request.

Seems like we need some more assistance from steemians in this request. Come on we can do better than this!!!

For those not able to reach their byteball wallets just now the request is as follows:

Dear Steemians!

Byteball is thrilled to be featured in Binance's monthly community coin vote.
If you have an account on Binance, please vote to support the Byteball platform

Being listed on Binance helps attract attention to projects. It might potentially benefit you and the value of the Bytes you have on smart contracts. The deadline to vote is August 31. We currently have around 160 votes and your vote is really important.

Thank you Steemians!

Team Byteball

We all have byteball locked in a smart contract that could significantly go up in value should byteball be listed on binnance.

What's nice about this is it has some anti-syble features and you get entered into a luck draw at the end for your contribution and vote.


I definitely saw this, truth is byteball has been a revelation and it being featured in binance will make the coin even more established, better and good for even investments as well. I'm glad it has a chance, maybe not in this front line, but let's all ensure we get it done. Thank you for the publicity @gavvet

I’d like to see byteball on more exchanges, huobi for example and even okex to get it into the eyes of some of asiatic cryptocurrency enthusiasts. A binance listing would be outstanding though. Shared. Also your tag has an error it should be binance not binnance :)

thanks for the catch on typo in the tag

No problem! Been following you for a while I really enjoy your explanation of things.

Excellent information, with the recent gains of steem users by byteball I think we should be able to get a lot of votes. All you have to do is pass this information on to the others. Reesteemed.

I was too late. "voting ended". Never heard about those top-coins in the list. Looks like they have a strong community. Might be worth hodl some.

Done! Thanks!

Great information sir,I like this post I appreciate your valuable post I love this byteball thanks for sharing this post

Nice information provided, i will follow your instructions.

All ready done great coin !!

No problem. I'll use the link. I never looked too much into byteball but like everybody else on here I took the airdrop when it was out. Anything that can add to the value can only be a good thing for all of us.

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Not a fan of a cryptocurrency that locks your coins for a year in a contract. It's a huge gamble in cryptos, and anything can happen in a year. It can go big or bust.

You got half up front for free. I am fine with free money now and more free money in a year. lol

Technically only half is locked, besides that the total supply of gb is 1 million, the gbs were free so allowing you to have and trade with your free coins while also incentivizing the need for everyone to maintain interest in byteball as they progress through a locked valued commodity is actually rather brilliant. Also steem attested accounts have a way to receive byteballs from other accounts through steem usernames rather than a alphanumeric address.

guy's let get this done, we have all benefited from byeteball. It's time to provide help.

Can I still get into this... I was planning on waiting until my rep tips over 60!

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I think so

Cheers. @anomadsoul sent me an out of the blue discord message about byteball a while ago.. It's still on my list of things to check out.

Odd to see so many devs with a declining (or rather now levelling) user base!

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