How to get free money via Airdrop byteball from $ 5-160 dollars without having to wait 7 days ahead.

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Steem Reward User [$ 5 - $ 160 from Byteball Airdrop]


You will be rewarded by Byteball based on your Steemit reputation, you can also earn by referring. You can convert this amount with bittrex or similar exchange.

Reward based on reputation:

Reputation above 30: You got a $ 5 reward

Reputation above 40: You get a $ 10 prize

Reputation above 50: You get a $ 40 prize

Reputation above 60: You got $ 80 prize

Reputation above 70: You get $ 160 prize

** Gift Steps:
Step 1 **

Download here byteball wallet

** Step 2 **

If you have installed your wallet, make sure you select an address wallet. If not, you do not need to do anything.

The default wallet will be a single address wallet

Step 3

Click the Chat button to the bottom right. then click the Store Bot tab to the top right.


Step 4

Scroll down to find a bot named Steem atestation bot and click it.


First it will ask you to enter the address of the wallet you want to handle. Just click the small icon on the bottom left and select Enter my address (Small cost wallet) and hit the send button to send it to the bot.

Step 5

Now Bot will create a Steemconnect link for you. Login through the Steemconnect link to prove you are the owner.


[If all of the steps above are correct, your wallet is now filled with bytes sent by them]

1000 SBD Distribution Campaign
If you have completed the previous step and rewarded by Byteball. You will also be rewarded by me based on your Reputation. Just follow two tasks.

  • Post the Post
  • Comment your Byteball wallet address

** Reputation is required**

  • Above 30 = 0,500 SBD

  • Above 40 = 1 SBD

  • Above 50 = 1.5 SBD

  • Above 60 = 2.5 SBD

  • Above 70 = 4 SBD

When we find your Steemit username in our wallet as a referral user, then check your profile and will send your SBD to your account
Don't comment, if you don't use my referral

thanks very much for community #ulog @ulogs #ulogger and special thanks to @surpassinggoogle


Good support it worth getting into this whole Byteball thing? I read so much about it lately but didn't educate myself on it yet.

How not to educate your point.?

I don't understand...what do you mean? :-)

Translate yeah... ada apa dengan hal yang kamu bilang tadi.?

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