Why should you consider BYTEBALL? ANSWER: FREE MONEY!

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A few months ago, before byteball was initially released, I tried linking my bitcoin account to receive free #byteball.

..think of it like mining, except no hardware or electricity costs. Simply by proving you own BTC or byteball - you get FREE BYTEBALL..

However, I unfortunately used a blockchain.info which was not supported... for whatever reason. And due to this reason I became sour towards byteball. I've since come around... and for good reason.

I won't go into the details about byteball, as unique as it is because, because that might turn you away thinking it's just another block-chain gimmick

[it's not even a block-chain]

What you need to focus on is the fact that it is very limited, and being given out for free.

As of the current round 5 set to take place on the full moon(distribution takes place every full moon so it's easy to remember) May 10, 2017 at 21:42 UTC, you will receive FREE byteball for simply linking a Bitcoin account to the wallet or by having byteball already in the wallet.

Since I've gotten into byteball the price has jumped 2x. And it should only continue to do this as there is no potentially no cost to acquire it and there will only ever be 1 million giga byteball's in existence. I encourage you to join the slack and ask any questions you might have there. There's a lot of helpful people in there that want to spread the word.


The more people that know you can get byteball for free the more fair it is



It will be my fourth round of the distribution.

By the way - the reason is that your must use the wallet that you control. Private key and everything.

One of my favorite concepts is the simple p2p contract. My brother won't buy any so... so my plan is to send him some in a contract, that after gbyte > 1000usd in btc terms I'll get a large portion of it back, just so he can see how powerful and simple it is. If it doesnt go over 1000usd in a year or two (depending on our contract) he'll keep all the byteball

Sounds like a good plan. Keep us posted.

I love Byteball! Fresh approach, impressive tech, constant updates, active community. Plus, free money every full moon!

Byteball is my favorite ICO so far. Wonderful distribution strategy, great wallet, great community! I've actually bought more on Bittrex just to get more for free from the full moon drop. And don't even get me started on those blackbytes...

The price of GBYTE on Bittrex has been steadily climbing since it dropped on the exchange. Definitely a crypto to watch out for. Thanks for the post.

You really should, when I first bought it last month it has doubled in price.. and I received more for free :)

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NIce piece of information. will definitely look into it.