Next Byteball Airdrop in 1 Hour, Still Time to Claim Yours

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Luckily the process for obtaining them is quick -- I just went through it in less than 30 minutes.

I first heard about a byteball distribution before their June distribution. I read a blog post describing it, the post seemed shady so I didn't trust it and decided to pass, but I've had friends who claimed theirs last time without a hitch so I went through with it. By claiming you receive .0625 byteballs for each BTC in your wallet, which equates to roughly $54.00 per BTC in your wallet.

I followed this guide:

Basic steps:
-download the byteball wallet:
-set up the wallet (use a light wallet instead of full to save time and space)
-talk to a transition bot that helps you through the process of claiming your byteballs

I use trezor for my bitcoin wallet. The guide linked above explains how to do it on electrum, I'll explain how I did it on trezor.

Confirm your address

There are two ways to confirm your bitcoin address. The first is by sending a small BTC transfer to a byteball address from a wallet where you control the private keys (not an exchange): the transfers can be slow, and nobody wants to transfer money first, so I chose the second method which is proving my bitcoin address by signing my byteball address.


Obtain your byteball address

Consolidate your bitcoins into one address

I've had numerous transactions into my trezor and I used many different addresses to receive coins. So in order to claim the maximum byteballs I first combined all my bitcoins into one address rather than having to link many addresses.

First go to the tab receive on your trezor:

Copy the address, then send all the bitcoins on your trezor to that address.

Sign and verify your address

Go to the sign and verify tab:

In the Message field, copy/paste your bitcoin address where you just consolidated your bitcoins in your trezor wallet.

In the Address field, copy/paste your byteball address.

Hit the sign button, confirm it on your trezor, then paste the signature into the transition bot chat. It will confirm your bitcoin balance and then your byteball wallet will receive your byteballs after the distribution.

I understand if you have reservations, but many others have done this process seamlessly

Last month, well known steemit user @ash posted about the distribution here:
Another poster, @yogi, wrote a blog a few days ago reminding everyone of the distribution:

If you choose not to participate I don't blame you. I'll update this blog tomorrow with the results.

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Now if i just had bitcoin...right now

Please don't leave no content 2 word replies all around this site and upvote yourself.

Byteball has an nice way of generating interest from investors. Luckily I bought a big amount when it was 0.02btc. I was able to receive in the distributions. And still holding. Awesome profits. Thanks for this article! upvoted.

Best distribution model... hope other coins will adapt it too

Yea, awarding holding is always a good incentive. I'm not one to turn down free money.

Thanks for the guide! I was aware of the stellar lumens drop, but byteball was not anywhere on my radar. I'm having a really hard time believing in the eventual success of these airdrop coins, but am trying to keep an open mind.

Agreed. I haven't tried the stellar drop yet, still some time on that. As for byteball, I know little about the coins, I just refuse to pass up free money =)

It would be helpful to know what byteball is all about.

From reading this post, all I see is how to get some.

But WHY should I get any? That's my question.

I have no idea what it is all about, but I'll figure that out later. It's not important when you can get them for free, but it's important when deciding whether or not we should keep them. I found out about this ~6 hours before the distribution closed and my priority was figuring out if the process was legit and claiming my byteballs, not whether or not I should keep it later. That's for next week -- when I do research on it I'll write a post on whether or not they are worth keeping and I'll tag you there.

Did you ever write that post on whether they are worth keeping? If so, could you link me to it please.

FYI Electrum wallet has discontinued the signing feature. So like me you'll want to use this article on how to do it with Trezor.

"To use the Coinbase sign message feature, go to and choose the address you want to use, then click "Details" and you'll see the link to sign a message "

The link mentioned is no longer there.

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