Byteball Use-a-Thon: Byteball - @askanything partnership.

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When you ask a question on Steemit (you write your question in the title of a post), if it is not a stupid question, @askanything will upvote your question and you will earn at least 6 cts of Steem + the upvotes of the community.

It is better to use the tag asa so @askanything can easily detect your question.

The community will answer your question (not always, but most of the time!)

  • Select the best answer.
  • Propose to the replier to send him some Byteball to thank him for his/her good reply. The amount of byteball you send will depend about how much you have been rewarded for your question.

So everybody is a winner, the people who ask a question earn some Steem and the replier earn some Byteball. This is generating a knowledge circle with a permanent increasing value.
You can buy more byteball with the reward for your question.
You can also send some Steem to @askanything, so @askanything will be able to reward more questions.

In progress :

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I'm glad you took off with this idea!


It is not growing as fast as I expected but I am confident that I can pay you some royalties on the idea in the future. Of course, you are welcome to ask questions and to promote the idea.

Hi @chrisaiki
Thanks for the idea and it definitely looks interesting. To join the Use-a-Thon as contestant, please see the instructions on how to join. Particularly this section:

How to particpate

To join the contest, participants pay an entry fee of 25 MB. The entry fee must be paid from a publicly attested Steem user’s Byteball wallet. This allows us to keep track of participants and to follow your progress on your blogs. All entry fees are added to the prize pool and distributed on a 10:5:2 ratio between the prizes.
Send your 25 MB entry fee to this address

That allows the Use-a-Thon jury to identify you and add you to the list of contestants also allowing everyone else to follow the progress of your project here


Hello @punctured,
I sent the 25 MB !!


Ok, I don't know where I get the first address, too bad, resend to the correct address.


How many bytes do you airdrop when someone open a New wallet ?

very interesting,
but I'm still confused about how to exchange steem byteball to bitcoin.
How to do it