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Steem/Byteball momentum continues

During the past week around 5,000 Steem/Byteball attestations have been made. The week before had a similar number.

Understandably the rate has slowed down from the initial weeks that followed the July 12 release. However it is good to see that a steady number of Steem users are discovering Byteball on a daily basis without us spending time and resources promoting the integration.

Currently around 55,000 Steem users have done the attestation.

We have similar integrations coming soon for other large online communities.

Wallet version 2.4.2 released

Wallet version 2.4.2 has been released and we suggest updating your wallets, especially those who run full wallets.

We strongly suggest iOS users update because full backup and restore for iOS was added with this new version (restore function requires iOS 11+). Push notifications have also been added for iOS app.

Another notable feature for Steem users is that handling of protocol (byteball:) links with Steem usernames has been added. For example to request a payment to your Steem username, you could add a link byteball:steem/username to your website (unfortunately not all blogging platforms support adding links like that) or a QR code.

The bug involving scanning the QR code for payment initiation has also been fixed.

Byteball Witness video

If you are new to Byteball which many readers are, we strongly suggest you watch this short Byteball Witness video. Consensus is reached on the Byteball network using a different process to other cryptocurrency projects. It is very different to Bitcoin and Ethereum!

A fundamental aspect are the Witnesses, which Milan Hovarth of Byteball has done an excellent job explaining.

New tutorial on creating verified asset issuers

Many people are not aware, but Byteball is a platform that allows you to create your own assets. These assets are transferable and exchangeable and can represent anything that has value.

Community member Peter Miklos created this tutorial on creating asset issuers. It also shows how smooth it is to use attested Byteball profiles in practice. 54,000 and counting Steem users have attested their profiles recently and many soon do so through other platforms. So this is something to keep an eye on!

The most well known asset on the Byteball platform is currently Blackbytes, the privacy coin of Byteball. You can see its asset record here.

Very useful new feature for the Byteball Betting Bot

The Byteball Betting Bot user experience has significantly improved over the past few months, and yet another new feature has just been released: quick odds alignment.

Quick odds alignment means oddsmakers can now quickly and without effort place odds aligned to the current market!

This will hopefully encourage more users to set their own odds and increase competition in the market.

Poll Bot update

You can now create a poll on Byteball.co and it will be displayed on dedicated page for all the polls with a permalink like this poll.

If you have the latest version 2.4.2 wallet installed, then clicking on "Vote on this poll" link will open the updated Poll bot in Byteball wallet. This lets you vote and see stats of any of the polls ever created on Byteball DAG.

This feature is similar to Twitter Polls that you may be familiar with. However, a key difference is that the results will be stored on an immutable distributed ledger, the Byteball DAG. Twitter data is owned, stored and controlled by Twitter.

Byteball on the airwaves

Last week Casper Niebe of Byteball spoke on Utopian Open Source Radio, much of it focused on the Byteball/Steem integration. You may know him better as Punqtured on Telegram/Slack (or many other places).

The recording is here and starts at around 49:30. It may be of particular interest to newcomers from the Steem community after Byteball took the platform by storm!

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