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Steem/Byteball integration surpasses 49,000 users

A staggering 49,215 Steem users have now linked their usernames to their Byteball wallets! It's fair to say the number has significantly exceeded expectations.

On July 25, Casper Niebe, User Acquisition Manager at Byteball was interviewed on Utopian Open Source Radio. The hosts are prominent members in the Steem community, and said that they had never seen anything take the Steem community by storm the way Byteball did.

Since the original integration on July 12 the rules have been modified twice, on July 19 and July 21. Current Steem referral attestations are now by referral link only.

A lot of content has been published on Steemit since the launch, and understandably most of this has related to the rewards. However now that pretty much anyone that is active on Steem is aware of Byteball, we are hopeful much more content will be shared by Steem users exploring some of the possibilities that the Byteball platform enables.

Our email newsletter list has grown significantly this month, so for those not that familiar with Byteball here are a few examples of what you can do with the platform:

Bet on sports (no government I.D. required)
Binary betting (fast profits, fast losses)
Play the Lucky Bytes lottery (provably fair lottery)
Send textcoins via email and chat apps (e.g. Whatsapp, Telegram)
Send private textcoins via chat apps (Blackbytes)

There is much more. If you are one of the 49,215 Steem users you have 12 months until you are able to spend the rewards in your smart contract. So why not explore a little now?

Steem profiles on non-payment explorer called Byteball.co

Many users know already about explorer.byteball.org where you can keep track of all the public transactions on public Byteball DAG database. Some have found their way to a page where you can see how many attestations have been done so far, but many don't know that this non-payment explorer helps you find other useful information from Byteball DAG.

You can now find your Steem attested Byteball address from URL like https://byteball.co/steem/username (replace username with your Steem username).

Byteball Foundation

Valerius Coppens, Head of Strategy at Byteball published this comprehensive article on a proposed Byteball Foundation. It is a highly recommended read, as it addresses some key aspects about the future of Byteball. If you have comments about the proposed foundation, please post them on the #foundation channel on the Byteball Slack.

Venezuelan bolívars to Bytes exchange

The winning project (a fiat to Bytes exchange) in the recent Use-a-Thon at the Simón Bolívar University, Venezuela is live. We will share it in the newsletter once the design has been improved. The important thing though is that it is live. Version one better than version none.

Currency converter for Byteball is now compatible with Steem

The BB Convert tool now supports sending Bytes in different currency amounts to ‘steem/username’ addresses too (you need at least v2.4.1 wallet). For example, if you know some Steemian, who is also using Byteball, you could send them 1 STEEM worth of Bytes via a link like this (just replace username with their username on Steemit).

Reminder - BB Convert allows you to easily convert fiat currency amounts e.g. $10, €10 etc. into different denominations of Bytes (e.g. Gigabytes, Megabytes). It also helps converting some other cryptocurrency amounts to Byte amounts too. For example, it can show you the minimum number of Bytes that you can sell using Byte-BTC exchange bot.

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