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68,099 Steem users invited to Byteball Use-a-Thon

A grant has been submitted to help leverage the successful integration we have recently built with the Steem platform.

The grant proposal is to run the second ever Byteball Use-a-thon with the aid of the huge Steem community. The first Use-a-Thon in Venezuela proved highly beneficial and generated not only a lot of attention and interest in the platform but also a fair share of use cases. Some of these are now in the work of being implemented.

Details of the Steem Use-a-Thon proposal can be viewed here. The proposed prize pool for Steem members that take part is 22 Gigabytes, around $1,100 at the time of writing. You can give feedback on the proposal in the #grants channel on the Byteball Slack.

Byteball vs Ethereum for raising ICO funds

Ethereum is a powerful platform, but for raising compliant ICO funds the experience can be far from ideal (or compliant) for both end users and those raising the funding.

Byteball already offers a compelling alternative, which will not only improve but be much more of a focus for us very soon. Stay tuned.

Byteball Use-a-Thon winner

Capybara Exchange, the winner of the first Byteball Use-a-Thon published this article on using their exchange (its written in Spanish as the exchange is in Venezuela).

So if you are in Venezuela and want to convert your bolivars to Bytes or Bytes to bolivars you can do so here. If you have any questions for them please ask via their Telegram
or Discord.

If you are wondering, the capybara is the largest living rodent in the world, and is native to South America!

Crypto finally fairly valued?

Long term Byteball supporter Marc De Mesel published an excellent video on his Youtube on why he thinks the crypto market might now be fairly valued. He explained his thoughts on Byteball, particularly during the first several minutes.

We love his enthusiasm, and also his bravery to get on camera and share with the world what he thinks based on both data and gut feeling.

If cryptocurrency is going to get adopted it would help greatly if we had more people like Marc. Byteball is currently a much smaller project than many others, and the actions of one person can help greatly.

Byteball Nigeria Area Representative

Speaking of inspiring characters, one of the benefits of the Steem integration is we now have significant interest in the Byteball platform from people that knew nothing about it before.

Salaudeen Abdullahi (Rex for short) from Nigeria is one of those people. Rex was enthralled by the platform and his enthusiasm is infectious. In short, he has been hired as an Area Representative for Nigeria on a trial basis.

Not one to wait for things to happen, Rex took an 18 hour bus ride to Lagos and delivered a presentation on Byteball as an ICO Platform at the Cheetah Africa conference. He wrote this review on how it all went (including photos of him wearing his Byteball T shirt).

Rex has a unique way with words, and when asked on how his presentation went he said

“Below excellent but definitely better than just decent”.

Steem attestors reach more than 68,000

More than 68,000 Steem users have now connected their username to their Byteball wallet. That is an increase of around 7,000 on last week.

It's worth noting that this is the highest weekly number of Steem attestations in several weeks.

Would you love to see Byteball become a major platform in the crypto world?

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