Byteball Wallet Poll: What is the best unit for the future?

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The community have no consensus for the official unit GByte of the byteball platform.
Some peoples like change the unit to MB (different reasons)
What do you think is the best for the future?
The topic should be done!

Please vote here:

I will not vote, because it does not matter to me ;-)

*The vote is very cheap you must only spend 0.00045 GB or 0,45 MB

EDIT: "... the actual cost of vote is around 700-800 bytes (≈ $0.00004)." thanks tarmo888
For vote you must click here:


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Actually, the cost of voting is just the size of the vote on DAG, not half a megabyte. The amount you see in your History tab is a movement of funds from all your addresses to your current address or in case of single-address wallet, just movement of funds to same address.

So, the actual cost of vote is around 700-800 bytes (≈ $0.00004).

ah ok, thank you
therefore no one votes: D

I don't think lack of votes is because of price because it doesn't cost anything, basically almost the same as regular transactions.

Most likely there isn't many votes because it is not very popular feature, most probably don't even know that this has been possible for long time already.

Here is the is the correct link
I cant edit my post anymore...

In my opinion, Byteball should keep the current GByte unit or switch to the true Byteball unit : Byte

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