Byteball Use-a-Thon: Send SMS in Byteball Wallet

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Hello again,
i have a very easy to realize idea, a SMS Bot.


I am repeatedly surprised how many peoplse use SMS.
In times of Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram, i tought the sms is dead.
But that's not it!


What we need for a SMS Bot feature:

  • SMS Gateway Provider
  • SMS Bot

SMS Gateway Provider
An SMS gateway allows a computer to send or receive Short Message Service (SMS) transmissions to or from a telecommunications network.
The most provider are easy to use. You can send sms with a specific url (api) like this:


The bot ask this informations:

  • Number of receiver
  • Text 160 character
  • *Optional Number of sender

Of course the sms is not for free, but cheap enough!

Closing Words:

Lets create a SMS Bot in Bot Store for international SMS.
All young and old peoples know SMS and they remember all time:
“ah ok byteball is the coin you can send sms” :D
Spread the word!!


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I love it, if nobody else implements it then I can do it next month.

ok :) but don’t forget my name in the credits :D
Maybe with this feature:
Optional: For spread the word you can pay the double price, then the sms have a link with a textcoin. Now the receiver of sms know the byteball app and have enough bytes for send a sms back :D

I can provide a python/c gsm (if my memories are good) module (Teltonika model TM2 with an easyGSM/GPRS TM2 board) if required. Old FPGA smartphone project 😉

There are much easier ways nowadays to send SMSes :P

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