Undisclosed Khmer stupa - Entry #3 Black and White Photo bwphotocontest

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Shot with an old converted Nikon IR camera. The side lighting and foliage was working in my favor this day. With a small crowd of kids overlooking me, I quickly got back to composing and creating this image. The idea to toss a rock into the pond just came to me and it worked out (thanks to a decent aim). As you can see, waiting any longer would've resulted in the ripple's moving out of the frame and becoming slightly less interesting (of course, I had no idea about that until afterwards).

For me, the ripple is somehow echoing the former greatness of the Khmer Empire during King Jayavarman VII's reign.

To critique: I'd say that I was torn with regard to framing - the tree and stupa form a square (including the reflections) which I don't really like, but I did want to include the slender shore which leads the eye to the stupa. If they'd only cut that darned tree (on the right) down!

So go forth and toss a rock in a pond while doing a portrait - just don't do it for EVERY single one!!!

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I love IR effect. Very beautiful.


Yes, it can certainly give a different look and feel to most every subject. Not a fan of the color IR. Thank you for taking time to let me know your thoughts!