BW Photo Contest Landscapes Entry 2

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B&W Photo Contest - "Landscape" Over the Pond

This is my contribution for the #bwphotocontest "Landscape" created by @daveks.
This is my 2nd entry on this contest.


Looking across one of the local ponds, I love the Cool reflections you can see on this pond more often than not.

These photos are all taken by me using a Sony A6500 Camera and are my property

alliance JJ.jpg

!steemitworldmap 41.2118089 lat -73.088984 long Mondo Pond Trails Milford CT d3scr


beautiful nature photography...

Thanks kindly


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I think that is the first black and white I have seen from you. Great job.

I do B&W occasionally, but mostly I do stick with Color

The fluffy clouds work well in B&W.

yes I thought so to Love how this came in B&W

Grear picture and love the clouds in the sky in this black and white photo.

Thanks I got lucky with some cool clouds that day :)

ooohhh I like this one :)

Thanks I would probably never have tried B&W for this shot if not for the contest but glad I did really like how this came out

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Awesome shot.

Thanks for the visit and kind words

What a great shot! This is made so exceptional with those clouds overhead. Good luck on this contest, I really like this one.

Good morning and thanks
I am glad there was this contest or I may never have tried B&W for this but was so happy with how it came out

And you should be, it's great!

Thanks my friend :)

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Thanks kindly

Awesome black and white shot! Upvoted and Resteemed!

Thanks kindly 👍😎👍

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Its cool what your doing but i make this list to often LOL

I like your B/W Images ! Happy Weekend and good luck , JJ! :)

Thanks my friend
You to have a good weekend

The composition really rocks it, Jj! Love your reflective nature.

Thanks such a kind comment

Hope your weekend is starting well

With this incredible weather, who could have a bad weekend!? Enjoy the holiday!

We don’t get this holiday so back to work for me on Monday

Seriously? Well true. Why would you. The government gives it off, naturally. :)

WellI do get other international type holidays so I cannot complain :)

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