B&W Photo Contest - Travel - Entry 2 - Times Square, NYC

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Hello steemit friends,

For my second entry into this week's bwphotocontest, I'm sharing a quick shot that I took a few years ago while visiting New York City, New York, USA. I've only had the opportunity on two separate locations to visit NYC - funny using the words "only two times" when talking about visiting a place... For the majority of destinations, you might only ever want to visit them twice, but not New York City - it's such a wild and busy place that is absolutely jam-packed with tons of destinations to explore and experience! I am hoping that sometime over the next few years I'll have an opportunity to revisit and do some more sight-seeing there!

Does anyone have any "must-see" or "must-do" New York City attractions in mind that they could suggest? I would love some input from others who have been there before or who know more about what is worthwhile!

IMG_20151217_215531 (2).jpg

This photo was taken using the Nexus 5X

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Beautiful your photography, greetings from venezuela.votarias my post

Thank you very much! I checked out your post - very cool poem. Did you write that yourself?

I rd about the place called time square but didn't knew it was in New york. Thanks for sharing friend atleast i came to know about it.

Yes, it's a very cool place - certainly worth visiting if you ever get the chance! The pictures truly don't do it proper justice!

Ya i've seen it over internet

I haven't been yet, but hope to visit NYC soon! Nice photo btw:)

Thank you very much! The two times that I have been there previously the weather was either cold or rainy, so hopefully next time it will be warm and sunny out!

It looks lovely, it's good that you were able to visit it. I would like to meet you someday.

Hopefully some year the annual SteemFest will happen in North America so that I can attend! It would be super fun to get to meet so many of the other great people that are part of the Steemit community!

It would be fantastic dear friend, and a pleasure, I invite you to go through my blog to observe some of the landscapes that surround us.

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