📷 bwphotocontest Photo Contest -"Reflections" - As Far As Eyes Can See

in bwphotocontest •  2 years ago

The beauty of an image ... the singularity of a place.

Alone in front of the nature of this world.

"As Far As Eyes Can See".

Photos Credits: NataleeOliver.

This B&W photo contest is kindly sponsored by @papa-pepper.
Guest Judge: @mweich.

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I just looked through some of your photographs. You have an amazing eye! Thank you for sharing such lovely images. I intend to up vote them all simply due to the cutting clarity you catch them in. Stunning work.


Thank you much.

Traveling in wonderful places facilitates the work of a photographer.
Happy to see that you appreciate our photos

Nice shots!


Thank you.

This is "Independance Beach" in Sihanoukville - Cambodia.


I have traveled much in Asia but not yet made it to Cambodia and Vietnam. On my list!

this is so peaceful


South of Cambodia is also a maquis and therefore, there are few people there....
This is really peaceful.


wow that's great i really wanna be there one day

in love with the first one - no people, just waves and silence


Thank you.


my pleasure !

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