📷 B&W Photo Contest - Collectables & Toys - "LEGO Ford GT 40- Le Mans" by @lichtblick 📷

in bwphotocontest •  2 years ago  (edited)

Hello dear Steemians

Hot As Hell

I have here a very hot entry for the #bwphotocontest which is hosted by @daveks.

The Ford GT 40 has written racing car history and after it was even called a racing class called the "Gran Turismo".

Here you find my original article in color.


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Come on? This machine out of Legos??? It's very cool, probably the coolest thing I've ever seen from LEGO.

Yes and it is 1:1 size ;-)

Wow now that's a beast ;) interesting shot for the #bwphotocontest

great subject, toy of kids on steemit!

Wooow amazing 100% perfect enetry this car
I can not see like this b&w photo keep it up
Thanks for sharing

Wooow amazing 100% perfect enetry I can not see like this b&w photo keep it up Thanks for sharing


Awesome picture @lichtblick

i like this..this is beautiful :)

simply fantastic click. Nice entry from B&W photo contest. keep sharing your nice post @lichtblick All the best

just amazing

wow..wonderful art..amazing photography..i appreciate this life..

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Thank You! ⚜

i like it!

Incredible Skill! Great hobbies and amazing photos.

hmm... I should have used my Lambo model

very nice photo