B&W Photo Contest. Sunset/Sunrise (Entry 1 – frozen sunrise) HomeArtPictures Originalcontent

Hello friends of black and white photography,

my first contribution to the #bwphotocontest of @daveks today is this image. The picture was taken on a cold morning in Wintert and it was -15 degrees. It is a wonderful time to spend the morning in peace. Many thanks also to the sponsor of the prize @papa-pepper.

AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5.
ISO100 / 105mm / ev0 / f/14 / 1/500

Hallo liebe Freunde der Schwarz und Weiß Fotografie,

mein erster Beitrag zum #bwphotocontest von @daveks ist heute diese Bild. Das Bild entstand an einem kalten Morgen im Wintert und es waren -15 Grad. Es ist eine herrliche Zeit, die man morgens in Ruhe verbringen kann. Vielen Dank auch an den Sponsor des Preises @papa-pepper.

Photo by @HomeArtPictures

In the future you will find the majority of my pictures and reports under the #passionforphotography


Beautifully captured with your awesome camera and keen eye for a good shot. Very impressive stuff. :)

thanks a lot my friend.....

Great one, i like this picture.. I send upvote for u

thanks you very much.....

nice and good post ❤️
always be happy

Thanks for sharing..make me a partner or friend good I will follow you.

thanks a lot bro***

I wrote today under @daveks' post that black and white sunset / sunrise would be challenging. That said, you have portrayed it beautifully.

Hey. Schönes Bild, das hab ich als mein Desktophintergund :P
von deiner Frau.. aber in Farbe ^^

das ist durchaus möglich..... liegt ja alles auf unseren Festplatten.......

Love the picture...very beautiful...but OMG the cold!!! ayayay :p
Really love your work. Following you with many pleasure. Please keep up your beautiful work.

So simple and beautiful! And cold! 😁😘😗😙😚🤗🤗

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