Life by the Sea

california wedding

Life by the Sea

On the last night of a trip to California, I went to the beach to catch one final sunset and ended up unexpectedly on the periphery of a wedding by the sea.

Here we see the lovely and joyous couple. What isn't show is the entourage of photographers, & bridesmaids clearing off sand from dresses. There was even a drone operator catching what I imagine was some stellar footage from the setting sunlit scene.

It was quite a production and a beautiful time to experience.

Photo Info_
LocationLaguna Beach, California (USA)
CameraPanasonic DMC-GX8
Exposure1/320" F/5.6 ISO 2000 @ 250mm (125mm m4/3 equiv)
LensPanasonic 14-140 mm

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You catched really a beautiful moment and composition is great, also choice of bnw is really logical my friend... I like it!

Have a nice night... :)

thanks! I thought it had a kind of yin and yang feeling with the opposite white and dark colors.