B&W Photo contest - bicycle boy | 黑白照片比赛- 爱笑的单车男孩steemCreated with Sketch.

Wherever there is light, one can be photograph. Taking it into consideration, I decided to go to some old blocks in the city,see if I could find out something to explain it. 3 hours from now, I was walking in an old street, fluidity and quantity of people gave me more opportunities to create my photo, not to say it was 5:15 pm, good timing, infinite possibilities. A little boy came behind me, when I opened up my camera, I saw the smile on his face, the happiness inside of him, it's hard to see it on an adult. Like I mentioned before, enough light helps me to tell more stories inside the scene, his smile bring the sunlight, he tried to drifting for few seconds, his shadow comes along with him. A bike might be the most usual vihicles we've seen, the little boy behind the scene, was something else.

Photo taken using iPhone 6.


有光的地方,便产生了照片。带着这句话,我来到了这个城市的一条老街,来找寻下那些被遗忘的人和故事。我比较喜欢走在街上时找寻一些不经意的瞬间,老的街道周围的小商铺一个挨着一个,进货的,推推推车的,小孩儿跑 的,闹的,街道上大的流动性为我提供了创作不可或缺的因素,那就是人。这也是我喜欢街头摄影的原因,它有很多种可能,所有的一切都是未知的,充满惊喜的,每个下一秒都可能发现很奇妙的事。走着走着,一个小男孩骑着单车从我身后斜着过来,我知道这就是我等的那一个瞬间,打开相机的同时,他对着我微微一笑,笑的很纯真,很自然,而这种笑也只有在孩子身上可以看到了。爱笑的孩子都会有神灵的庇护,光从楼的缝隙中穿过来,在他做一个小的刹转后,映出了他的背影,随后渐渐地消失在了我的视线当中。

Photos tell the story itself, that's why I love so much about phtography! If you like my photo and feel like talking to me, welcome to follow my page and leave your comment here to help me making better photos. Each of your support will be appreciated, cheers.

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Hi, @dixonloveart nice to know you! :) Great pic!

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