📷 Black & White Photo Contest - Travel: #2 First Snow in My Life | 人生遇到的第一場雪

in bwphotocontest •  last year


Karuizawa, Japan w/ iPhone 7 Plus - 2017

It was the first time I saw snowing in person in my life. I was in the railway station of Karuizawa waiting for the train. I saw the man in the photo was approaching. But the heavy snow seemed not as romantic as what we watch in the movies, as it looked quite tough for the man to walk every step on the white snow. But I was still so excited about the heavy snow. lol
I filmed this memorable moment as well.



我也拍下大雪的片段,在這個潮濕的大熱天時看真是透心涼吧。 希望冬天快點來,香港的夏天真是熱得要命啊!

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nice post....


Thank you :)

Great use of black and white :)


I'm so glad you appreciate it ! :D

This is an amazing photo! It looks so artistic and vintage. I love the style of it! Keep up the great photos! 😌


My pleasure ! ;)

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好好喔! 妹子都還沒看過雪啊~~




哈哈!! 最近這幾天真的好熱好熱啊!!
我之前有聽曾住在國外的朋友說過 , 下雪很美 , 剷雪很累 :P




實在很令人崩潰!! XD