Excellent shot! You're right about how b&w drastically changes the composition. The splatter of white rocks would probably go unnoticed here. I find b&w landscapes challanging. You really have to read the light and shadows. Good work @ananuaremere !

Really glad you like it!

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I agree! One of the reasons I love and hate black and white. It either makes a brilliant shot or kills it.

I can see how the contrast and textures are enunciated here. Love.

Thanks, Denise! I'm still learning about B&W and I find it difficult to turn a colored landscape into a monochrome one because usually, they have a lot of details that can get lost when you convert them. But I'm glad that I had the opportunity to practice a little for the B&W Photo Contest

Beautiful b&w image. It reminds me so much of Scotland!

love these beautiful natural forms and a contacts !

Big thank you, Victor!

Nice photo!

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