BuzzBreak Android suspended for maintenance

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Dear Steemians and BuzzBreak users,

If your friends are telling you that they can't download BuzzBreak from the Google Play Store, don't panic. We are undergoing maintenance to make it better for you, and we will re-open it as soon as we finish the maintenance!

What exactly happened?

BuzzBreak went wildly beyond our expectation and hit 4K daily active users on day one. And a lot of the users are not joining BuzzBreak for the news. In fact, some of them don't read news at all and only watch ads! The sudden increase of ad requests has triggered Google's algorithm (we display ads from Google AdMob) and the ads are currently suspended and won't be opened until we implement the incentive right.

Existing BuzzBreak users won't be affected

If you are having trouble watching ad videos, don't panic! It's expected and we are working on fixing it.

Your Points will stay intact

The cash out requests are under suspension mode as well

Hopefully you are able to receive your previous cash outs! If you create new cash out requests now, they will be suspended until Google agrees to re-open the ads for us.

We will keep you updated!


I was only watching ads cause I was not being credited for reading

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Do you get credited for reading too ?? I didn't know that!

That's what I was assuming. The app is advertised in that manner I believe

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Magic Dice has rewarded your post with a 59% upvote. Thanks for playing Magic Dice.

And a lot of the users are not joining BuzzBreak for the news. In fact, some of them don't read news at all and only watch ads!

You don't say lol ;-)

Congrats on getting massive traffic! Lets hope we can drive some to Steemit!

Ok i am waiting for install !.

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That explains a lot. Thanks for the info, that was quick response. Cheers.

Posted using Partiko Android wonder, trying to download but not available. Do keep us posted.

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Was surprised you guys didn't put similar ad restrictions as you did with partiko. And you really need a way to earn points outside of ad watching for sustainability long term

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I have one question why my rank is getting bad if it is in maintenance.

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From today morning always I have this issue.

I was #9 and now #51 cause I can't view ads. This is very unfair. I'm ready to uninstall the app, sorry.

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They are faking for true because I was also 18 and my rank is now 43. So how someone's rank getting better? @nikoleondas

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now also stopped and the ranking DRAMATIC FALL !


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Should Show Up Pop-Up Maintenance Messages !!! :(

before read this post from 18:40 almost 1 hour uninstall reinstall the BuzzBreak App !!!

BuzzBreak Ads is BreakDown ! :(

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what's your current rank @blueangel ? I was about 72 but Iwas as high as 14th last night's all good fun!!

dropping down down cause of stopped rewarding Ads

only referal rewardings push the ranks up ! :(

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I feel lots of problem . Some example point converts
2.Can not withdraw money
2.Need crypto payment option
3.Don't get reading reward

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