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in buyingsteem •  9 months ago 

With prices this low, I feel like I'll be kicking myself in a few months if I don't pick up some more STEEM now. I haven't bought any crypto recently and it seems things have changed so fast that I don't even know what to do now. I went on Coinbase to try and get some LTC so I could trade that for STEEM, but the app says it will take 3 days to show up, and then CB holds it for 13 days on their platform before I can send any of it out. What a joke. I want my STEEM and I want it now!



Does anyone have any ideas of how to procure STEEM with fiat fast? With how quickly this space is moving, I feel there has to be a better solution by now.

Anyone have any answers?


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I dont know wether this is available to you or not.

What i did just recently was download a LTC wallet app to my phone, go to a BTC ATM, put in cash and get LTC.

Then I went to blocktrades and bought STEEM.

Dont know if you have access to a BTC ATM, but I dis all of this in one day.

Good thought. I've never used a BTC ATM. I'm gonna have to see if there is one in my proximity and maybe give that a go. Thanks for the idea!

Be aware that the fees for buying Bitcoin from an ATM are typically much higher than buying from Coinbase. At least as of a year or so ago, there were no BTC ATM’s in Minnesota. If you find one, let me know.

FWIW, this site seems to indicate that there now are some here:

I used one in Vegas though. Road trip!

Thanks for pointing that out. You are correct about fees.

I just had the impression he was more about speed at the moment. It is fast :-)

Good to know about the fees. I did find one in Brooklyn Park (or Center, can't remember) but they only had BTC available and not LTC. Not a fan of the fees and I would prefer LTC as most of my BTC transactions have taken eons to complete.

13 days? Coinbase takes 6 for me. I bought some LTC there last Friday, it should be available to convert to Steem tomorrow.

But even 6 sucks.

Well that's what the app says. In the past when its given a set time, it usually ends up being faster. But like you said, 6 days is still ridiculous.

You could also check out localbitcoins.com for a quicker way to go from fiat to cryptocurrency.

Thanks for the idea, Tim! I checked that out, and it seemed as far as I could tell that the only local guy wanted a $40 minimum service charge. I'm not looking to buy a ton, so that would kinda be counter productive. But I would guess that new offers come and go all the time, so I'll keep my eyes peeled for something more up my alley.

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