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Hello friends in this article I will introduce you to the Buying project and the ico process of the project, which will introduce a new dimension to the digital advertising industry by introducing the advertising world to innovative technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.

What is Crypto Platform? Explores the Future of E-commerce in a Blockchain-Powered Environment is user-centric e-commerce platform with the aim of providing a direct link between product manufacturers and the customers. By use of blockchain technology, hopes to decentralize the supply chain process for products through harnessing the power of the distributed ledger technology.

Along with other innovations such as bulk pricing, e-commerce solutions, cryptocurrency and real-time logistics, sets to enable consumers directly buy from their manufacturers, wholesalers or distributors through what is called the Minimum Order Quantities. Together with's original protocol (WeBuy), the MOQ combines to allow users to leverage a higher purchasing power within the millions of consumers and small businesses. Features :

E-commerce platform: already runs an e-commerce platform on as they look to build their blockchain model plus where first to implement it.

DPA App: The Direct Product Access app is the decentralized application for the community to offer commentary and feedback on their buying and product experience. The app will also give a direct link to social media profiles to build on social interaction between manufacturers and customers.

BUY Token
The native coin, BUY Token will be the official currency to facilitate all payments and transactions within

How it Works
In reality, will allow customers to post product relates to manufacturers through the DPA App directly. Once on the platform, businesses or individuals will get access to the bulk pricing deals. If the product's MOQ quantity is not met, the consumers can opt for the promotion option. All these will operate under smart contracts alongside the platform's Tipping Point Technology.

If the sales deal is successful and the product's MOQ is available, then the smart contract automatically triggers the purchase order to the necessary warehouses. The products are then drop-shipped to the customers similarly to the case of having to order from an online store.

133a0e0f95f1145d0fed744aec8d9f00_5.png ( Buy Token ) SOLUTION :

In reality, the couple does not need 50 love seats. NOW for the first time in history, each person will have the buying power of millions in the palm of their hand. The power of the blockchain combined with’s Tipping Point Technology will directly connect consumers with manufacturers for the first time in history. Consumers will be able to achieve bulk pricing alongside businesses by using our platform.

A promotion can be placed directly on the platform by the manufacturer. Once on the platform, businesses will be given first access to bulk pricing deals. If the MOQ quantity remains unmet, then consumers will be granted access to the promotion. This will be done using Smart Contracts along with’s Tipping Point Technology.

Once a deal is placed on, and the MOQ is met, our smart contract solution triggers the order from the manufacturer, sending it to our warehouses. The products are individually dropshipped to each customer with the same ease-of-use that they would gather ordering from any store online.

About : is a company that aims to reshape the landscape of e-commerce the same way the last generation of companies did. We believe that there are new business models, new ways of distribution, more effective methods of leveraging purchasing power, and efficiencies in logistics and backoffice operations that can help power the next wave of e-commerce. E-commerce, in its current form, involves many moving parts including
storefront creation, backoffice operations, purchasing, fulfillment, distribution and more. This begs the question—is there a more vertically integrated, efficient solution that improve the economics of e-commerce. The answer is a vociferous—YES.

Our value proposition is:

MicroDistribution: Microdistribution channels powered by decentralized networks and distributed ledgers. Purchasing Power: Harness the advantage of wholesale pricing by offering Direct to Consumer pricing by peer to peer networks. Storefront Creation: Provide a first of its kind e-commerce platform that enables e-tailers to plug seamlessly into the decentralized network. Fragmentation: Enable smaller retailers who do not have the access to a vertically integrated services to pose a serious threat to larger retailers such as Amazon and Walmart by offering fully integrated backoffice operations coupled with our decentralized networks, microdistribution and peer to peer networks.

We are changing the rules of the game. This is the new era of Decentralized E-Commerce.

079fbe45f4263f83f612.png Details : Pre Sale :

Stage: Pre Sale Tier 1

Start Date:
October 1, 2018

of tokens

Token sum Value:

Stage: Pre Sale Tier 2

Start Date:

of tokens

Token sum Value:
$9,000,000 Crowdsale :

Stage: Crowdsale 1

Start Date:

of tokens

Token sum Value:

Stage: Crowdsale 2

Start Date:

of tokens

Token sum Value:

Pre-sale start date 01 Oct 2018
Pre-sale end date 01 Nov 2018
Pre-sale token supply 200,000,000
Token Sale
ICO token supply 300,000,000
ICO Platform 3
Token details
Ticker BUY
Type Security
Additional Token Emission No
Accepted Currencies

Token distribution :

50% - Available for purchase
15% - Company Inventory
15% - Founders and Management Team
7.5% - Advisors
7.5% - Incentivization Supply
5% - Bounty Programs & Contingency
Funds allocation
38% - Marketing
25% - Research & Development
25% - Strategic Acquisitions & Logistics
10% - Admin
1% - Legal
1% - Contingency


  • Buy Token * Description :

E-commerce Reinvented is the next generation Decentralized E-Commerce Platform that harnesses the power of distributed ledger technology along with innovations in Bulk Pricing, Real-time Logistics, E-Commerce and Cryptocurrency.

End to end e-Commerce protocol for group buying, hyper local microdistribution , guaranteed 2 hour delivery with geofenced demand matching and secure last mile delivery.

Token Use Cases
Used for staking tokens in order for Microdistribution centers to participate
Used for staking tokens in order for Delivery operators to participate
Used as rewards when a user recommends to another service, the former receives re-wards in the form of tokens
As a form of payment in the network specifically for shipping
As a form of payment to Microdistribution centers and Delivery operators for providing a service
As a form of dividend payment to investor

buying.png Roadmap :

indir.jpeg Brands And Partners :

20180914_193555-1.jpg ( BUY TOKEN ) MEET THE TEAM :

Executives :


Strategic Advisors :


Technical :


Legal & Accounting :


indir (2).jpeg

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