Putting some buy orders for hive on Bittrex

in #buyhive4 years ago

Just today after seeing that HIVE is listed on Bittrex went there to check it out.

To my surprise my previous order for selling STEEM at ridiculous high price 6000 sats was filled.

So I diceded to put some buy orders for hive.

Just for the sake of it.

I have hit the power down on STEEM and in the next week I will be selling some. Although must admit not sure will sell it all. If I think about it its not much so may just sell it all and not bother with it.



I might be willing to swap you some of my Hive for some of your Steem. I'll probably want to wait for Steem to tank though. I don't want to trade it even.

You always need a buyer and a seller on every transaction!

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