HELP I Can't Buy Steem

in buy •  2 years ago


I am new to Steem and would like to buy some but I can't seem to get it to work?

Here is a video of what happens:
The GET ESTIMATE and DEPOSIT ADDRESS buttons do absolutely nothing...

If anyone knows what I am doing wrong please let me know...

Steem account is a few hours old
My Setup:
Macbook Pro w/ Latest OS X
Latest Chrome Browser

/The Shadow Broker

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The linked and built in exchange from the website, blocktrades, is probably still doing upgrades and maintenance due to a very recent upgrade of the steem protocol.

In the meantime, you can always use another exchange, such as poloniex. Though a bit more in depth of a trading platform and less of a 'one click' solution, you can buy steem there with bitcoin and withdraw to your steem account.


That makes sense. Thanks for info.

It could be anything causing this issue. I would say try buying steem in the morning. They could be doing a random maintenance and just didn't inform us.


Do they ever inform us? Where does one go to check the status of the system? if you know that is...


everything is still beta and growing, I honestly believe all this will take time. They just doing stuff behind closed doors for now.

2016 December 16 @ 1430 - Got my Steem and all is well.