Between MEN - A SteemDollar is a Dollar! Ride off volatility & return to PEG

in buy-more •  10 months ago

Maintain the SBD-PEG to $1 we are showing remarkable strength. Bitcoin is for old people who like slow transactions and lots of fees. Not even Warren Buffett would invest in Bitcoin.


No need to circle-jerk about it. This is business, get down & pick up cheap STEEM is first priority and of course keep the STEEMDOLLAR pegged to $1 to show the rest of the Crypto-World which community has the best system during volatility season.

No Selling - Just Buying - So Steem On!

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YEAH I am down with it.
Empower ourselves with Steem!

a futile job without income is a waste of time and opportunity .. whether it will happen or not

Let's hope it goes up soon :(

buy the dip

Yep time to buy is now - i might get some more for me
Image result for aeron chair

Picked up some yesterday. Woop woop.

Well said brother, spot on. Hope everyone has been well in the Steem Speak world. I will be back from my travels Oct 1st.


Bring a Microphone :P


@thejohalfiles --- enjoy your travels! Let's hear about them when you return.

Buy steem using SBD.

This is the perfect time to be smart and power up with Steem power , watch the stacks grow later

Glad to be back ! will talk soon bro !


Interesting! I am brand new to crypto and started steemit last week. I'm just trying to learn the ropes and figure everything out, so I'm looking everywhere! Thanks for the post! :)

hmm.. it has sense

Good post

lol love the quote

The world of cryptocurrency is very uncertain

It is chance to change SBD to STEEM!!!

businesses that have a profit in the future. thank for share @fyrstikken

Haven't sold any STEEM thus far, and no plans to sell any time soon!!!

Still don't understand: keep the STEEMDOLLAR pegged to $1

Yes you are right, its time to buy.

Now its the time to invest into steemit ! in a couple of years this is going to be the new facebook

great content! and thanks again for following! you have nice day.

It is very difficult for the steem to go down by 1 dollar. and in the future already has support

Well said. We need more SBD in the world!

@fyrstikken : that's really you say, that 'This is business, get down & pick up cheap STEEM is first priority'
thanks for sharing..

Buy in deep and hold is right decision

I always respect your ideas about this platform....

No selling, just buying..
Sounds really good

Now is the time to invest!

The visionaries see the way~*~

This is just a minor dip bcoz of China news. We have new North Korea news. Soon all the crypto currency will be up.

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Steem on peoples, Steem on!


fear and panic
was hit them ?

nice post bro keep going


I agree with you . . . . Bitcoin is for old people who like slow transactions and lots of fees . .

Warren Buffet know nothing like Jon snow :D

Nice post, i`m agree with you....this is a business. thanks @fyrstikken for ur share

Well said! Everytime I see the price down, I stack up on Steem as much as possible XD

This will surely pay off in the future XD

panic struck, bitcoin price is very far from normal price. :(


emm. is there any influence
to bitcoin penguaan by china?

I am douing my best :)

Seems very good 😊!!

Future is Steem!!!

i agree it is time to buy buy buy

@fyrstikken: has given me a gift

hopefully always be a great digital businessman.

nice article
thank for sharing

please check my post Drawing of @fyrstikken

greetings i like your post.

but that awkward moment when steem is more cheap than SBD :D

Hi my friend! nice to meet you

this information is very enlightening my perspective, according to you, what is the most appropriate thing to do

very good.
i like your post

Yes ... very happy accumulating STEEM Power at the moment.

Nice post, thank you @fyrstikken for sharing,.. Please follow me..

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great post, thank you

Thank for your new info

Steem was already at a low price before the crash, but its now showing imcredible strength with holding a steady price.

I'm liking steemit more and more. I only wish I had looked into it sooner. For now, You can visit my steem address.

Thanks for upvoting my just published post and for the information. I follow you now and I have upvoted you too :)

Upvoted and resteemed. Exactly what I am thiking. Tough times never last.

steem is the future!!

Absolutely ... when all other crypto currencies crash Steem holds strong ....

Until 3 days ago i didn't know or didn't have it clear that steem was a digital currency like bitcoin. Glad to share with you and learn every day in steemit. This is a dream come true, now to accumulate steem understanding that is a viable option along with the old? bitcoin.

You guys make the bitcoin look like wolverine and steem like X-23 :-)

This is a good selling just buying. But until when?

Thanks a lot for this information. I really like your point of view, you are very intelligent

Personally I think it could go further down. I invested some in it and still in deficit. Will buy again to average when price is lower. But I do agree to invest in it long term.

Lets push it up to $2 we got this!!!

Hello @fyrstikken,
I just bought 4500 STEEM on Bittrex soon will move it to Steemit.
Can you suggest the best ways of using it?
I heard of leasing it out somewhere?
Any and all suggestions will be muchly appreciated.
I will be buying much more STEEM when my stocks sell this week.
Hope your having a great weekend.
Be Well....

That is very good advice for all of us. I am new to SteemIt and am learning the ropes.

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Thank you for your contributions on this social platform and for your advise in my ancestry research during our conversation on Discord: SteamSpeak & Golos Crypto

Have a great week. Blessings to you and your loved ones.

Ha en flott uke. Velsignelser til deg og dine kjære.

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I have been quite optimistic about the steem and SBD since my joining the Steemit. Now it is giving me more and more reasons to be with it.

Aside from any other benefits STEEM as a token has, it will be soon considered as a reserve crypto alongside with tether showing that if a token has utility and a working product it is much more immune to volatility caused by speculation and inflated expectations.

haha, agreed with everything apart from the BTC for old people ;p

nice post dude simple but true...