Hurray Thursday My Entry To : Thursday Butterfly Day and Insect Day Giveaway- Week 34

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Hurray For Thursday. That is the title of this butterfly art that I made few minutes ago after seeing this contest of @whatisnew on my feed. I love creating art especially making character designs like this one.

Here are some of the progress photos when I was creating my butterfly art:

I decided I want a color as vibrant as this shade of orange to go with green. Then I established my color palette which includes blue and deep red which can be seen at the bottom left.
That one piece of the wing looks great to me at the start which lead me to create a character that exudes positivity and cheerfulness. The spread out hand would somehow help show that vibe.
To give it some highlights I added the pale blue shirt and the yellow dots on the butterfly proboscis. Then gave it a nice hat to finish the look together with the blue and other shades of orange on the wings. The proboscis actually became that thing you blow during party or merry making. Sorry I forgot the name of it.

If you would like to participate please read the details of the contest on this link:
Hope you like it

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OMG! I absolutely love this cheerful character and the proboscis cracks me up. How can you not love this guy? Hurray For Thursday and Hurray for yourfun entry! Thanks for using #butterflyday tag @theithei. : )

Thank you so much :)