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Here's a few insect characters for this #butterflyday and #insectpub by @whatisnew

Here's a nosey little weevil. He has to stick his nose into everyone's business then go around the thistle plant spreading gossip around.

His friends are all to eager to recieve the news he dredges up. Did you hear that Sally was cheating on Fred?!

Meanwhile in a secret location on the other side of the plant Sally thinks she is getting away with her secret relationship with Ted.

But across the way there is a spy.

Poor Fred doesn't have a clue and is busy at the bollweevil factory.

Now he has just found out and is really depressed about it.

He cried exactly seven tears for Sally before moving on to find a new girlfriend. The weevil romance can be difficult on this side of the thistle.

Dr. Philcada gets tired of counciling the gossipy cheating weevils all the time. He wishes for the days of his youth when he had a daytime show that made him a mini celebrity in the garden.

Still... counseling weevils beats trying to sort out disputes in the wasp nest.

Only the miner bees can take on the wasps successfully. But they would rather be digging for gold.

Keep away from my claim man, I got no time for wasp disputes.

This one is looking for trouble and is a repeat offender for bringing discord around the hive.

Even the garden enforcers are afraid of this wasp.

Better call the blue terror in to whip that rogue yellowjacket in place.

Lately the blue terror has becoming more philosophical maybe his sessions with Dr. Philcada have been paying off. He doesn't believe in violence anymore and wants to start a nectar bar across the lake.

Dr. Philcada will give his bar a plug with what little star power he has left.

With no one to challenge him the rogue yellowjacket has taken over the hive. There goes the neighborhood. Moral of the story don't listen to c list celebrity cicadas. Happy #butterflyday :-)

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Wow! Great macro photos! You really make insects looking very sexy!!

They are like little shiny machines.

I hope they don’t have any hidden weapon!!

The stink bugs do, i once got sprayed right in the eye by one from 8 feet away. It was one of these guys https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant_mesquite_bug

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ROFLMAO!!! I just love your insect stories! Look at that schnoz! Here I was feeling sad for Ted, especially after crying 7 tears but I changed my mind when I learned that it didn't take him long to find another. How cool to find a miner bee. Amazing photos as always and such a fun read. Thanks for the good belly laugh @sketch.and.jam! : )

Weevils are very fickle about their relationships lol.

Vauu :-)

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