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Hello Steemians

Welcome to the excellent #butterflyday with
thanks to @whatisnew

This is a six spotted tiger beetle.
A predator, it eats caterpillars, ants and spiders.
DSC_3257 (2).jpg


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Back home in N-B we call those government bugs cause all the gov vehicles are green! Been a while since I seen that bug!! ah weird memories sometimes. That's quite the close up!!

Haha... don’t think they are in the west..
I have a 300 zoom :)

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I never seen them in alberta keep in mind I'm from New-Brunswick.

I love these little guys i've seen a copper version as well.

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They stand out in a crowd for sure... lol
Thanks for re streeming my post!

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Nice colorful insect photography in nature.

Thank you, very bright! Was easy to spot it on the ground..

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Oh, I like the color of this beetle. I have never seen them before so thanks for sharing this one. Great photo too. Thanks for using #butterflyday tag @karbon. : )

Thanks! They are colourful that's for sure...

Wow that's an incredible looking bug sir karbon! Love the color and design of that thing. It almost doesn't look real, more like a toy.

Looks cooler in person, couldn’t get it in focus it’s so bright and shiny... lol

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I thought it was a great shot but maybe you'll run into another one sometime.

Thank you @janton I guess I always like to be better...lol

That's the sign of a good photographer for sure!