Butterfly and Insect Thursday Giveaway Week #35 - Bzzzzzzz

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Welcome to Butterfly and Insect Thursday Week #35

Butterfly and Insect Thursday Hosted by @whatisnew you can check out the master post for Week #35 here O.o

_MG_0405 (3).jpg

Well with the recent cooler weather I was thinking I would be reduced to spiders and flies this week but the sun managed to burn through in the afternoon for the last few days and I found a bush of little blue flowers just full of bees.

A lucky find indeed as I have not seen many bees at all this year.
_MG_0390 (2).jpg

One thing I noticed almost immediately..... bees are hard to photograph lol
They don't stay still for any length of time and when they do, they have their face buried in a bloom...
_MG_0396 (2).jpg

I did get a few clear shots of a bee's backside <,<
_MG_0400 (2).jpg

_MG_0401 (2).jpg

Some face shots

_MG_0406 (2).jpg

_MG_0407 (2).jpg

_MG_0408 (2).jpg

Looks like @whatisnew lucked out this week and I didn't have to image giant field spiders this week lol Boo
Also remember 5 exrta SBI added to each of the winners for Butterfly/Insect Thursday till the new year.
This weeks winners
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_MG_0308 (2).jpg

Flower for the Ladies =)

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Yay! No spiders! LOL! I can't believe you found these bees at this time of year. It was hard for me to find bees this past summer too. Too many pesticides I suppose. So sad. Another Yay! because you got photos of the face. Love that. You know that I love to capture the face of my subjects. Beautiful photos as always and thanks for using #butterflyday and #insectpub tags. : )

Es bonita tu abeja. Los ojos son muy grandes. Y gracias por esa hermosa flor que regalas, no conozco su nombre.
Creo que la amiga @watisnew, está traumatizándo con tantas arañas. jajaja. Trataré de conseguir otros animales en mi jardín.
Un saludos. Feliz domingo.