Butterfly and Insect Thursday Giveaway Week #31- Along came a Spider

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Welcome to my post for Butterfly and Insect Thursday( ish ) Giveaway #31

Hosted By @whatisnew every Thursday

You can check out week #31 hereO.o

IMG_0035 (2).JPG

Hope you all enjoy the post.

Starting off I have the last of the Skipper Butterflies images I shot a couple of weeks ago.
IMG_0036 (3).JPG

IMG_0037 (2).JPG

With the cold, wind and rain over the last week this little purple flower bush has shed most of it's blooms and only a few of the skippers are left compared to a couple weeks ago.

IMG_0041 (2).JPG

IMG_0045 (3).JPG

After shooting these images I looked up and noticed that all the Skippers were gone <,< >,>
Funny there was over a half dozen or more just a minute ago ??
Then I noticed something on the deck rail a few inches away from the purple flowers.....

IMG_0038 (2).jpg

Ahhh, this explains my lack of butterfly models so I decided to image the jumping spider AKA Phidippus johnsoni.
Thanks to @sketch.and.jam for the ID =p
IMG_0052 (2).jpg

This is a little spider and is very quick.... and he can jump O.o

IMG_0054 (2).jpg

IMG_0044 (2).jpg

Right after this image the Jumper disappeared. I looked all around and could not find it. Then a short time later I spotted it, as it crawled to the underside of my hat brim. Did I mention it could jump O.o

Meanwhile on the other side of the flower boxes our little green fly was back, kicking it on the yellow pansy.
Alas the poor yellow pansy that was so very popular with all the insects has wilted and died Q.o
IMG_0166 (2).JPG

IMG_0173 (3).JPG

IMG_0176 (2).JPG

Although our little fly was a good distance away it was being watched o.o
IMG_0059 (2).jpg

As fall has set in and winter close behind, these will probably be the last images from my flower garden this year.

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All images original, by me. In this case with my Cannon EOS Rebel T6.
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Your photos are always so crystal clear and beautiful. I love the skipper photos! OMG! That jumping spider jumped on your hat?!?! I would have been no more good. Do you have other photos stored away from another year that you will be able to post here? We had our first frost last night. Goodbye butterflies and insects. : (
Thanks for using #butterflyday and #insectpub tags! : )

Thanks @whatisnew appreciate the kind words.
Yeah the spider jumped onto my hat brim as i was very close to it and it is a jumping spider O.o
To my credit I didn't ..... well scream for one lol and the spider lived through the occasion.
I really liked the skippers this year, only they tend to chase off all the other butterflies, they owned that bush with the purple flowers all summer.
Unfortunately I don't have any stored images as I have just recently gotten back into photography in the last couple months. We havent had our first frost yet so there are still a few blooms and butterflies as well as other insects so I may be able get a few more images in.
Thanks for dropping in and commenting =)