Butterfly Day and Insect Day Giveaway- Week 35

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#Butterflyday hosted by @whatisnew

Two mystery insects on my Black-eyed Susan flower. One looks like it might be hover fly or a small bee. The other one I can't even begin to guess what it is.
My apologies for not getting a
clearer picture. They were very small in size but large in numbers. I have not noticed them on my flowers in previous years.
The black-eyed Susans and the Purple coneflowers seemed to be their flowers of choice.



In the above photo it looks to me like one insect has killed the other one.

There are two of them on this black-eyed Susan.
I greatly appreciate any thoughts or ideas their identity..😊🌻

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@annephilbrick What the heck is that?? It has very large front legs/arms/hands. It almost looks like it has or could have claws. I do know one thing, that is it is one strange-looking creature.

Exactly 😯
"What the heck is that?? "
Very strange for sure... !
I sure would like to know. I so wish I had taken a better picture.. !!!! They are very small. I also hope they are not harmful or invasive.

What a crazy looking insect! I have no idea what it could be and would like to know what it is too. Great catch of it catching the bee. The things that make you go Hmmm! Thanks for using #butterflyday tag Anne!

Thank You !!!!
Your most welcome 🐝
Totally new insects for me and I have been gardening for years..!!
I hoping to identify them. My curiosity is running high.

@annephilbrick I know what you bug is. Are you ready for this?.... It has been dormant for a million years and this is the first one to wake up. I have spent two hours looking at bug pictures and I can not even find a bug with bigger front legs, or arms whichever it is. Maybe you can catch it and take it to your agriculture dept. or show them the picture. I might have bug nightmares, LOL.

Thank You!
Dormant for a million years 😯..!!
I'm now feeling very lucky and privileged for seeing them..🤗😁.
If I see them again next year I will definitely have to get a better picture to hopefully to better identify. They almost look like real tiny moths.
😅 I try not to look at pictures of insects before I go to bed....especially spiders..!!!

@annephilbrick I had no bug nightmares/dreams so I am good. I am still curious about what it is, I could not find anything close to what it looks like, I will still look for what it is. I hear you about spiders, I am good with all the things in the river except when it comes to spider crabs, they give me the creepy crawlies.

Thank You..!!!!!!!!!
@myjob for trying to identify it. Greatly appreciated...🤗. I tried to but couldn't find anything even close. I know the not so great photo doesn't help 🙁.
I'm most glad you didn't have any nightmares last night...!!!
I have never seen a spider crab but the word "spider" is enough for me..!!
I posted this picture I took on Steemit a while back of a spider.. just incase you didn't see.....it..!!!


@annephilbrick Thank you so much for the pic of the spider, NOT!!!! LOL I like seeing them from the rear better than seeing their beedy little eyes.

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Thank You so very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saludos. Me parece ver, a un insecto atrapado por otro. Pero cual es cual?? Un dilema. Pero si es cierto, que es una hermosa flor. Que bellos colores!!

Thank You..!
The Black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia ) is one of my favorite perennials flowers.
I hope to identify both insects but I don't think it's possible unless I get a better picture.
:-D 🌻

Esta flor no la conocía. Es como un girasol de pétalos caídos. Preciosa.
Mira, en la imagen de los insectos, parece como una especie de polilla, atrapando a una abeja, con alas extendidas.
Esto es como para un concurso, jejeje, adivina que hacen los insectos?? o dime que escena representan?
Feliz domingo.

Thank You.!!!