The Butterfly Colouring Contest #65

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Hey Everyone!

The Butterfly Colouring Contest #65 starts here.

Colour stencils and you might win a prize.

I will match the full contest payout for the entry I like best.


There are 3 stencils for you to colour. You may colour as many as you like:

  • Stencil 1:

st 1.jpg

  • Stencil 2:

st 2.jpg

  • Stencil 3:

st 3.jpg

Colour the stencils anyway you want, traditional art and digital are both welcome.

Add a background and animation if you want.

My choice of winning entries will be coloured with care and imagination.

You are welcome to share children's colouring but I do not award it a prize.


The contest closes on Thursday 31st October.


This is what you need to do:

• Make posts for each of your entries with the title 'Butterfly Colouring Contest #65'.

• Leave links to your posts and pictures of your entries using Steemit or SteemPeak in the comments below so that I find them and I know you want to enter the contest.

• If you 100% upvote this post it will increase the payout for the winners.

I hope YOU will enter!



Thank you for your entry :)